Understanding Flower Support Net is very important for a good gardener.

Flower is a beautiful element of the nature. For lively surroundings of color and scents, we need to customize it. Keeping a flower garden is best way to enjoy flowers, and flower support net can help ypu with that.

Flower gardens are part of our neighborhood. With minimum space, we like to have garden and plotted flowers in a desired way. But keeping garden is not a main subject, until u knew the proper way of gardening. There are a lot of way to understand flower gardening. We may search internet, may visit other’s garden or we may go to local nursery, we can speak with floral experts; even a friend can help us by providing gardening tips.

At beginning of flower gardening, first thing is selecting location for garden. That may be different a yard or outdoor garden. After that it is important to consider sun lights. Sun lights play a big role in a flower garden. Plantation will be effective if proper sun light is available. In a flower garden, at least six hours sun light is must. Some flower may require shades in partial or full condition. There is also soil factors, it may not be drained; even it is important to understand pH level of soil. Minimum requirement of soil level is 6.0 to 6.5.


Importance and how to use flower net support

But as flower grower commercially, getting a good price of flower cutting, one must know the importance of using cut flower support, flower support net etc. Flower support net is used in layers over bed of flower.

Flower support net is designed with bamboo, raffia twine etc. Sometime net is bind with zinc metal wire. Some gardener uses hand woven net too.

On the flower plant top, nets are used as growing cycle. The metal oxidized net or the .fia sometime cut and worn out by the sun heat. Sometime due to used chemicals on plant create such situation. There is also the phytosanitary aspect is related with raffia. This support material is a twisted twine using flat plastic thread. It would create problem of viruses, bacteria, insects and fungus. These elements may threaten the flower plants continuously.

A gardener must know how to sue woven meshes on growing flowers. It may help to reduce flower damages. Moreover, it may help to gain more production of flowers. The standard flower netting is used in even open air fields. These techniques are also used in modern greenhouses flower garden.

Gardening with cut flower support may have used screen of green method. Here, development of flower species for very importantly edible and medicinal purpose. SCROG or Screen of Green method increases exposure of sunlight on flower plant. In these process, keeping the stem position is upright. It confines in a specific square of netting mesh. It avoids flower plant from falling down. Nets are used for leaning under the foliage. Generally this netting improves the source of lights in a particular environment.

The flower net support system is installed by net fastening. This mesh for flowers can be configured very tightly on the growing flowers plants. Within extremity of the flower plants and fields, there is may be a medium of supports necessary for ensuring mesh openings to lie symmetrically on flower plants. Then even in a lot of layers, flowers can keep straight, healthy and easy to cut for market and keeping in flower pot of our house.

When a plant is managed or netted or tied as support netting system, it may create stress in daily life of gardener. At re-adjustment and management period, it is also require proper feeding of plants for their full efficiency. At prune period, there is a manual guidance for the flower plant. There is the risk of contagion virus elements and transmitting a pathogen.

Sometime, cut flower support net is prepared by stretched polypropylene. This element is re-usable. There is a good phytosanitary management system. There are no harmful pests with old flower plant. After cutting old flower plant, dries up and then seed next. There is big amount of flower pollination. Because, flowers are more exposed in the air. Insects stay in the leaves and tend to grow over flowers easily. For saving flower plant from damages, to extend the lives of flower plant, a good flower cut net support system is valuable. Every gardener should understand the techniques and requirements as per their flower garden.



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