Natural things come in beautiful packages. Look at plants; they exist for several purposes which include feeding, manufacturing of products, beautification and a whole lot more. We live in a world where pretty things such as flowers are grown to beautify festivals, show love, and create a relaxing feel. It is very obvious that you are so interested in knowing everything about the flower support net. Perhaps, you want to venture into horticulture, a part of the very diverse agriculture. This article will tell you everything you need to know about flower support netting. The following are the very important reasons why you should use a flower support netting.

Flower support net

HORTOMALLAS flower support network is a good option because of its high quality and its economical price.

  • Many years ago, flower support construction was made from hot immersed zinc having a copper metal wire, raffia twine and bamboo. They are man made which means that man used their hands to weave them and can come with a lot of work or labor creating them. They are usually kept on the top of a flower bed during each growing phase. Unfortunately, this system of support was removed because the raffia was damaged by chemicals, the sun or accidentally cut down. This particular raffia which is supposed to be a support material made of plastic thread and warped twine attracts some certain kid of insects that comes to damage the crops and it also allows fungi, bacteria and virus to the crops posing as a threat. Raffia support reduce the production of flower and people who plant them can sometimes damage the flowers when they try to pull up the wooded net-like material or meshes upward through the flower which is growing. Another reason it was removed is that the metal used in construction becomes oxidized and failed its purpose for the flower support netting. Now that it is no longer in existence, Earth work is very important for the growth of crops. Today we have a more advanced and well suited flower support system all over the world that can survive in diverse conditions and environments which includes green house and open fields. The well structured flower support netting has being helpful to growers in the field of horticulture.
  • As someone who loves to grow flowers for a living, having a great flower cut which is healthy can make the market be a flourishing place for you. You have to have a cut flower support in place and it is also important to know that a healthy flower cut can only be done successfully by making use of the flower support netting.
    Mesh stand with flowers in field

    Using raffia to support flowers is not recommended because in addition to reducing the production of flowers, it damages them.

    Flower support netting helps us gain more knowledge on cultivating flowers with the aim of developing and exploiting the buds gotten from flowers used for medicinal use and edible use. To prevents plants from leaning and falling beneath the shoots and foliage of nearby plants, there is an boost in the exposure of solar for the plant by keeping its stem in an upright position and remaining inside a measured area of the meshed net.

  • Flower support netting helps in protecting your flowers against Ultra Violet degradation, very powerful, created from a bi-oriented polypropylene in order to increase its strength just o support the weighty foliage even in strong weather conditions especially the wind.
  • Flower support netting helps to develop phytosanitary state or condition.
  • Flower support netting helps in optimizing a green house space for your flowers. This can be done by fixing all the exterior heads of all the flower beds, stretching tight the netting and creating transitional post on the both sides of the flower bed in a transverse manner at a specific distance for each of your crop.
  • Flower support netting makes the recollection process and healthy flower cut process easy. This is only done by the new improved and tested way of netting from polypropylene which is safer for your crops unlike the wooden or metal horizontal support systems that are always on top of flower beds that was existent in the past.
  • The flower net support helps to improve the improvement and delivery of crops when some layers of the flower support netting get installed. Developing and distributing your plants is dependent on the green house conditions and the flower specie cultivated.

Before installing net supports, it’s important for your garden to find the best support options for your flowers and other kind of crops, you can check more information and prices of these nets in HORTOMALLAS.

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